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    that has joined hands together to be ‘one’, think as ‘one’ and work as ‘one’.
  • Meet Regularly
    Have a good time
    and assist in the development of the Alma Maters
    while fostering the fellowship, uphold and cultivate values taught by our Alma Maters.

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The RMOBA would not exist without the continued support and loyalty of its members. Without your help, we would not be able to provide assistance to the Richmond & Mahinda Community.

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We run several social and fund raising events year-around. View our past and future events and sign up to them to socialise with RMOBA community.

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Welcome To Richmond Mahinda OBA Melboune

Formed in 1991, its primary aim has always been the regularly meet, have a good time and assist in the development of the Alma Maters while fostering the fellowship, uphold and cultivate values taught by our Alma Maters.

We also run several social and community events year-around to keep the members engaged and entertained.

  •  Annual Big Match
  •  Alms Giving
  •  Camping Trips
  •  Dinner Dances
  •  Regular Catch-ups
  •  Family Nights
  •  Music Events
  •  Religious Events
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What Do We Do?

We are an active organisation and we run serverl events
all year-around!

Fund Raising

We do several fund raising events to help those who are in need with in the RMOBA community and the outside.

Helping the community

RMOBA is always ready to give a helping hand to any of it's members during tough times.


We are already providing scholarships to students in Sri Lanka who are experiencing financial hard-ships etc.

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Our Causes

The committee organises annual events such as Cricket Matches, Member Nights, Dinner Dance & Religious events that brings all members together to meet and have a good time.

Funds collected from these events and the annual memberships used for scholarships and financial/material assistance to the two schools.

Over the last few years RMOBA have supported many disadvantage children from both schools with Scholarships. These students are selected in collaboration and coordination with both School Principals.

RMOBA maintains a Scholarship fixed deposit account with a reputed Sri Lanka bank and the interest generated from this account is utilised for the scholarship funds.

With the recent COVID19 pandemic, the members in Australia contributed funds to support the financially effected children. These funds were used as a one off ‘special assistance package’ to support 20 children from both schools.

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RMOBA would like to hear from old boys/teachers who are living in Australia, visiting or planning to migrate to get in contact with us through this website. The members who have participated in our functions would testify that it has been tremendous fun to meet up with fellow school mates and exchange yarns of the good old school days.

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We were given free education by our country and our schools taught us many life lessons. So now its our time to help the country and be honorable Richmond and Mahinda old boys of Australia.